Audit and assurance

Statutory External and Internal Audits of public companies, private companies Compilation of Annual Statements for small and medium firms for statutory compliance and submission to banks

Audits under the Income tax act and other statutes Investigations to help in the prevention and detection of frauds and financial irregularites due diligence audits for prospective Investors and in cases of mergers, take-overs and joint ventures etc

Direct taxation
Representation and Assistance Services Preparation of computation of income and filing of return of income Representation in Assessment, Appeal, Revision and Review proceedings before the authorities Assisting in compliance with statutory obligations Tax Planning and Management to effectively minimise tax obligations through proper methods
Indirect taxation
Assisting in obtaining registration under the local VAT, Professional Tax Statutes* Filing of periodic returns and Representation in Assessments and other proceedings* (*Services for the above available only for laws within the state of Karnataka) Assisting in obtaining registration under the Service Tax Rules and filing of service tax returns
Corporate law and allied matters
Registration of Private and Public Companies Assistance in statutory requirements connected with maintenance of records and filing of documents etc
Drafting and conveyancing
Agreements and Contracts Partnership Deeds Sale Deeds Settlement Deeds, Trust Deeds, Wills etc.
Supplementary services
Obtaining approvals for opening liaison/branch offices in india for Overseas Corporate Bodies Preparation of Project Feasibility Reports for obtaining finance from banks and other Institutions Assisting in Obtaining Import-Export Code Number