Are you thinking of doing business in India?

Doing business in the multi-hued Indian environment can be as challenging as it can be rewarding. You could be a beginner with a bright commercial idea or a seasoned executive who would like to branch out on your own. You could even be a Non Resident Indian wanting to come back home or a foreign entrepreneur willing to venture into the Indian market without much knowledge about India.

What are the facts that you should know about India and what should you consider before starting your venture? A summary of the salient aspects of the Indian Business world is given here for your immediate requirements. A very brief outline of the History, Geography, Economic Factors of India and the rights and obligations that you are entitled to in the ordinary course of business is given.

Much of the information given will be common knowledge for Indians. But keeping in mind that you could be a foreign national with no knowledge of India, a page is also devoted to the social customs and practices prevailing here, so that you will be aware of them in case you plan to visit India.